Fire protection services are our specialty, as well as the installation of thermal insulation systems, industrial floors and corrosion protection in steel structures.

Passive Fire

We offer a wide range of intumescent products and cement-based mortars for both the commercial and industrial markets, which we apply under international quality standards and specifications of organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories, European Standard, and ASTM International among others. Our staff is qualified and certified by the main manufacturers of coatings against fire in the world, in addition to having extensive experience in the correct application of them.

Thermal Insulation

We have installation service of thermal insulation for high and low temperatures, for which we use various thermal insulators such as mineral wool, mats, preformed and flexible sheet covers, materials that meet the standards required by the petrochemical industry and power plants. These materials are installed with supervised processes under strict quality control.



We apply epoxy or polyurethane flooring systems, epoxy self-leveling, epoxy or urethane mortar, flexible membranes and antistatic systems for the protection of concrete in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, manufacturing industries.

Anti-corrosion protection
for steel structures

Our 215,000 m2-roofed plant ensures the most efficient application of anticorrosive coatings, regardless of climatic conditions, with the possibility of executing from simple systems of one or two layers, up to multilayer systems of high thickness. Our staff members are experts in the application of different coatings such as epoxies, polyurethane and polixisans, all of worldwide recognized brands, such as Hempel.